CADOCS             Computer Added Document Security Added Document Security
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FLEMAN                software for dispatching centers and fleet management 
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 GK                    Software and
hardware for slot machines&nbsDownload

System for increased security on airplanes for flights towards USA. This system automates the process of passenger profiling required from Transportation Security Administration of America. ( currently it is in final stage of field testing)

Fleet management software for dispatching centers mostly used in public transportation companies. This software is currently in version 2. Version 1 was a very big success.

This is very complex system for payment in sport betting. Using this system sport betting companies are able to calculate all there winning or losing tickets, see statistics and much more.
This is system is some sort of slot machine system but it is intended for mass playing. It has 6 finished variations (six dog races tree variations, eight dog races one variation, keno bingo one variation, horse races one variation)  and we are currently working on new variation of Rolette game. This system is     currently in its third version.

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